Ain’t that the truth


the Great Mogambo

Just when I think he can’t possibly go any more insane then he already is, he proves me wrong.  This week’s episode is really great.

Chinese job fair


Just a hunch

The color of a bear.  The snout of a bear.  Uh, maybe it WAS a bear.

Free leaves

A couple of weeks ago I swung by my parents’ house and noticed that my Dad had four plastic bags full of leaves that he had just finished raking and was preparing to put out with the weekly trash.  My mouth started watering upon the realization that I could have these leaves for free!  Free I say!  One bag of leaves will be saved to layer over the compost heap over the coming months, while the other three will find their way onto the garden acting as a winter mulch.  I write this as I have just stumbled upon an article written about a month ago regarding this same topic.  Apparently I’m not the only one that’s crazy.


Buy Bordeaux

I thought this article on msn was pretty interesting.  Talks about wine as in investment.  2005 was supposed to be a pretty good year for Bordeaux.  So I figured I’d go to to order a case of Chateau Le Gay (it’s the cheapest of the recommendations currently selling at $1164/case. I found that if I order today, I won’t get it ’til summer 2008.  Crap, I can’t wait that long, especially if I have to pay now.  Even if it appreciates 100% over the next year and a half.  But I’ll make a mental note and check the price of a bottle a couple years from now.  I may end up kicking myself.  Anticipated maturity:  2014- 2035.  Maybe if I get some sort of fat holiday bonus I will treat myself.

November cauliflower, thanks global warming!


November carrot


Holy Crap!

Raw milk– link of the day

I’d love to comment on this one, but time is precious right now.

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