Zombie Nation

Fluoride, the breakfast of champions.  It’s how the sheeple are made and controlled.  Once used to contoll POWs, it is now used to control the mASSES (along with everybody’s best friend, the televison).  It’s no doubt a carcinogen as well.  Prozac is 94% fluoride.  I wonder if that’s why I have never been able to remember my dreams.


It seems most in-home water filters can’t remove fluoride, unless they are specifically made for it.  I’m currently looking at options to add on a fluoride filter in addition to my normal refrigerator water filter seen below, it’s a GE Smartwater.

Right now, it looks like the Enviropure fluoride filter might be a good bet, but I’m not sure how I’ll rig it to the water line.


Still think fluoride should be ingested in mass quantities?  Try reading The Fluoride Deception, it’s on my reading list.

The Fluoride Deception


Here is another good site for more info:



1 Comment

  1. Jeff Wise said,

    January 7, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    The fluoride action network has a ton of great info. There is also a video interview with Christopher Bryon.


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