My Three Year Old Sons Knows That

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According to a nationwide online survey released today, 72 percent of the American public does not know that conventional plastic is made from petroleum products, primarily oil.

Sidenote:  Maybe it’s time to watch Idiocracy again.


Perry Goes Nuts

Here’s an article written by Perry Arnett looking at our ever-depleting oil and natty gas supply and how it will lead to the Great Die Off.  Perry sees the human poplulation dwindling as low as 50 million people worldwide.  Excessive?  Yes.  Possible?  I have no idea.  Some other predictions, including timelines:

1979 US per capita energy use peaked; still floundering on a plateau in 2006, but ready to fall precipitously (‘cliff’) at any time

2005 World crude oil probably peaked; still on an undulating plateau in 2007; starts off the ‘cliff’ ~2010-2012 or before

2005 World food production (grains) peaked

2008 World Natural Gas peaks (or sooner)

2010 NG ‘cliff’ arrives (or sooner)

2012 US electricity blackouts and brownouts become the norm (or sooner)

2012 US potable, available water peak and ‘cliff’; shortages and waterborne diseases increase

2015 US Health Care System in complete chaos, breakdown and failure; sanitation, drugs, return of communicable diseases, poorer nutrition, etc.

2015 World “Dieoff” begins in earnest; largely starvation, disease and poor healthcare caused

2030 US per-capita energy consumption hits the “30% mark-AFTER peak”, equaling year 1930 lifestyles again (probably much sooner than 2030)

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Tax Free Income, Ghetto Style

An interesting look at the underground economy of Chicago’s Southside.  It’s like the place just dropped off the map.

It’s a primer for the book, seen here:

The Underground Economy of the Urban Poor

I just put it on my wish list.  I’ll buy it when I can find a used version for five bucks.  That reminds me, I’m currently reading The Unheavenly City, published in 1970.  It looks at demographics across metropolitan areas.

Self Sufficiency Overrated?

Here’s a link found via Ran Prieur’s website concerning self sufficiency.  The article looks at at ever increasing trend torwards privacy, even amongst families, and how this seems to be inversley proportional to one’s overall happiness.  The last line of the article states: “we’re built to rely on each other.”  Link below:

Oh, the author also wrote this book:

The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future