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Due to the limitations of wordpress, I am moving my blog effective immediately.  I have already transferred the content from the last several months.  Please visit me at:

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Roundabouts beat Four Way Stops

From article:

Roundabouts (AKA rotary or traffic circle) have gained popularity in Europe and more progressive areas of the US like Seattle in recent years. By eliminating a four-way stop intersection and replacing it with a roundabout you allow for the continuous flow of trafficThis not only greatly reduces the unnecessary additional emissions from repeated start-stop cycles but it also reduces vehicle noise and reduces the number of accident opportunities.


Newly Discovered Material

Crocs Evolves

I was at a sporting goods store this past weekend getting my fishing license and I noticed some Crocs flip flops.  They looked pretty cool so I figure I’d check out their website and see what else they’ve been up to.  Some of the newer lines of footwear look a helluva lot better than the original, hideous looking Crocs.  Might these new sandals be the Birkenstocks of the 21st century?  I never thought I’d ever find myself wearing Crocs, but I have officially changed my mind.  Take a look at some of the cooler models:

Guerilla Benching

I thought this was pretty cool.  I found the link at Treehugger.


Great Tit

The Only Prescription Drug Most Americans Need

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It Hasn’t Happened– Yet

The United States: Prison Capital of the World

Your Son Might be Gay if…

This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while, brought to you by the Landover Baptist Church.  Just when I thought religious freaks couldn’t possibly get any dumber, they seem to out do themselves.

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