Could I, Would I, Vote Republican?

Ron Paul is an interesting candidate.  I especially like his view on monetary policy.  Too bad he doesn’t have enough money backing him.  He’s destined to be the next Ross Perot.


The Tree Planter

A Visionary, his Vision is Scary

Here’s an entry from a fellow wordpress blogger.

Got gold?  Silver?  Watcha waitin’ fer?

‘Darwinism vs. Idiocracy’ or ‘Survival of the Fattest’

Last night I watched Mike Judge’s Idiocracy with Luke Wilson.  It was pretty awful, but it did bring up an excellent point:  Darwinism is dead.  Survival of the fittest?  Not anymore.  If anything, evolution is working in reverse.  The dumb and weak are capable of reproducing just like the superior members of our species, and have shown to do so in greater numbers.  No doubt the average intelligence of a human will be significantly lower in a couple hundred years than today.  The way I see it, the human species hit a developmental peak about 100 to 150 years ago (in the United States, other developing countries may have yet to peak).  so what’s happened since then?

1.  Indoor plumbing.  Yes, I know it’s been around for thousands of years, but this whole craze in the U.S. started in the 1840’s.  I’m sure this resulted in more hand and face washing, and therefore less germs and disease.

2.  Aseptic Technique.  Atlhough Aristotle had well developed theories long ago, it wasn’t until the mid 1800’s that the ideas of microorganisms causing disease took hold of the mainstream.  Soon thereafter, everyone was living longer thanks to the miracles of modern medicine, even stupid people.  Yes, especially stupid people.  Think Homer Simpson.

3.  Social programs (Welfare) sponsored by the U.S government.  Once upon a time if you couldn’t, or weren’t, willng to work, you would starve to death.  Not anymore.  Now every single U.S. citizen has the God given right to be fat and health regardless of their contribution to the workforce.  And don’t worry about your kids, they’ll be taken care of by the government too.  Now go procreate!!!

Better than Reality TV

Ok, I admit it.  I’m hooked on this blog.

This guy Casey bought a bunch of homes with no money down, and things are getting ugly.  The comments that other people post are the best.

What’s in your Basement?

Here’s a shot of mine:

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Food of the Week

According to, this week it’s oranges.  Thank God, that’s much better than last week’s parsnips.


Wanna die? Drink Diet Coke

No doubt after reading this article, you should be convinced that drinking diet soft drinks are significantly worse than the normal, corn syrup laced garden variety.

Poor, poor Lovie

You probably already realized this, but in case you didn’t:

Lovie Smith

What’s in your Wallet?

Sweet.  I was starting to get sick of handing out my social security number to any financial instituion for tracking purposes.  Now I can simply apply for a credit card w/o the use of a SS number or credit history once I establish a new checking account with fake name and address.  Sure, it might carry a 21% interest rate, but who cares if I have absolutely to intention of paying it off.  Just when I thought the era of cheap credit was coming to a close, it gets even more ridiculous.  When this madness eventually comes to an end, we’ll be telling our grandkids stories of the good ol’ days of the Great Depression, ’cause there’s gonna be some serious hell to pay.

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