‘Amen to that Brotha’ or ‘Reason to Leave the Country Part IV

Sometimes I think it would be better off if I just take my hard earned money and spend it at Walmart or Costco every Friday afternoon like most sheeple.  The savings rate in this country has dropped into negative territory because there is absolutely no benefit to saving thanks to hotshot Mr. IRS.  If a presidential candidate made a speech like the article linked below, I would automatically do my darndest to put him/her in the White House regardless of his/her other political views.


Illustration by Alex Eben Meyer. Click image to expand.


Peruvian Stock Market

Un-freaking believable!

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Uranium Still Rockin’

It’s starting to look like everyone’s going nuclear.  Spot price hits $113.


Mogambo’s Latest

I wonder how many vente lattes this guy drinks before writing his weekly column?


T. Boone’s At it Again

T. Boone Pickens, that slippery old oil tycoon turned hedge fund manager, made a call the other day that oil will hit probably hit an all time high this year.  His calls on oil have been pretty much dead on the last couple of years, as evident by the one billion dollars he made last year on his oil and natty gas bets– errr I mean investments.


Forever Stamps

You’ve probably heard that the price of stamps will increase to 41 cents from the current 39 cents in mid May.  Now you can buy the ‘Forever Stamp’ for the low, low price of 41 cents that will be good for ALL future price increases.  This is no doubt a great deal for rich people who can afford to load up for when stamps cost north of one dollar in the next five years.  For all you po’ folks out there, it sucks to be you.


Forever stamp

The Scenario

See link below.  This guy pretty much took the words right out of my mouth.  Life in the US is easier than it has ever been, and will probably continue for a couple more years.  Enjoy it because it won’t last.  This coincides with the end of the Mayan calendar, the beginning of a new era.  The primary driver of the entire country, economic growth, will cease to exist.  Without economic growth, the country will slump into a depression.  Looking at the silver lining, this will probably be a welcomed scenario where people will once again find joy in living rather than consuming.  I’m ready.  Are you?

P.S.  Now would be a good time to sell any collectible Star Wars figures that are lying around the house.


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Huge coin could’ve been made over the last couple of years in uranium.  I missed it.

Question:  Have Star Wars action figures increased ten fold over the last four years?


A Visionary, his Vision is Scary

Here’s an entry from a fellow wordpress blogger.


Got gold?  Silver?  Watcha waitin’ fer?

What’s in your Basement?

Here’s a shot of mine:

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