‘Amen to that Brotha’ or ‘Reason to Leave the Country Part IV

Sometimes I think it would be better off if I just take my hard earned money and spend it at Walmart or Costco every Friday afternoon like most sheeple.  The savings rate in this country has dropped into negative territory because there is absolutely no benefit to saving thanks to hotshot Mr. IRS.  If a presidential candidate made a speech like the article linked below, I would automatically do my darndest to put him/her in the White House regardless of his/her other political views.


Illustration by Alex Eben Meyer. Click image to expand.


Reason to Leave the Country, Part III

Where your federal tax dollars go.  That’s jacked up.  The part about military spending I mean.


Tax Chart

Reason to Leave the Country, Part II

It’s illegal to drink unpasteurized milk.


Reason to Leave the Country, Part I

Six year old kids get arrested and thrown in the county prison.